More companies now use the world wide web to source suppilers and purchases than ever before. A solid and up-to-date web presence is now essential for modern businesses of any size to have a competitive edge in today's global market.
Beyond the basic of company/product information your website can deliver vital detailed and current information to help your customers/prospects understand you and your products better - you save time in verbal explanations and save money in marketing costs.
Mayamedia's web sites
deliver quick and comprehensive access to your company and products or services that impress the reader and create a positive and informed impression of your company.

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Occam's razor:

No complexity beyond
what is necessary...

No, I've not lost my mind,
well not just yet anyway!

What does this mean to you?

Mayamedia Development

Custom database and application programming solutions that run on your desktop, which can connect to a backend database or run standalone. All designed and created using PHP, C# and Visual Studio .NET for maximum productivity, functionality, and stability.

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